Tanning Solution

Professional tanning solution, rich in DHA providing long lasting results, for fair, olive or dark skin types.

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Tanning Equipment

A range of proffesional spray tanning systems including spray guns and portable booths for a perfect spray tan application.

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Self Tan & Skin Care

A range of self tanning products, offering versatile modes of application, including self tanning spray, mist & foam.

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"I fortunately discovered your product a few years ago at the International Beauty Expo and started using it on my clients ever since I love using Endless Sun."

-Somer, NSW Australia

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"I have used your product in Australia and I cant rave enough about it. I am now over in the UK running a tanning business and there is nothing like your product on the market."

- Jessica, UK

"I bought the spray tanning solution from you recently. I just wanted to tell you how impressed we all are to be using it and the clients are absolutely loving it. What I love most is it doesn't go orange and there is no odour."

- Ruby, Dolce Vita NSW

Achieving the Perfect Spray Tan

Achieve a FLAWLESS TAN with our pre-tanning tips:

TIP#1: Arrive at the salon clean and prepped “Always shower and exfoliate skin before your tanning session. Using a body brush or an exfoliating scrub such as Endless Essentials Energising Exfoliating Gel, will get rid of excess oils and dirt on the surface of your skin and allow the tan to spray on naturally. And skip moisturiser and deodorant just before a tanning appointment as they prevent the tanning solution from absorbing properly into the skin, which can causing patching.”

TIP#2: schedule waxing before you tan“Make sure you book waxing or other hair removal procedures at least a day before your tanning session to allow your skin time to calm down. Waxing post tanning will pull off your tan in strips – not what you want!”

TIP#3: Wear dark, loose clothing“Although tanning solution won’t usually stain your clothes, dark clothing will let you go out in public without fear of embarrassing marks on your clothing. Loose clothing that doesn’t rub against the skin too much will prevent markings on your skin.”

Keep your tan PERFECT post-application with these tips:

TIP#4: Hold off on showering “The tanning solution needs time to develop so don’t shower for 2 hours if you’ve had ENDLESS SUN Dark Chocolate formula and 4-6 hours if you’ve had ENDLESS SUN’s Chocolate and Caramel formula. Allowing the formulation to develop will give you an all-over beautiful tan that will last the distance.”

TIP#5: Skip the gym“Exercise is important of course, but sit out any tough workouts the day you’ve had a tan. Heavy perspiration 6-8 hours after you’ve had a spray tan may lead to streaking and sweat marks on your body. Not a good look!”

TIP#6: Take short showers “Long, hot baths or other activities that naturally exfoliate the skin such as chlorine pools and hot spas can speed up the rate of exfoliation. Avoiding them (as much as possible – who doesn’t love a dip in summer!) will maintain your tan for longer.”

TIP#7: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise…“ENDLESS SUN has a really hydrating formula with lots of skin soothing botanical extracts but keeping your skin well moisturised after a spray tan is still really important for maintaining a healthy, even colour. Dry skin tends to flake off, which speeds up the life of your tan and can leave you looking patchy.”

Trialling our tanning solution for the first time?

When using Endless Sun Tanning solution for the first time, it is important to adjust the settings on your spray system in order to ensure that correct amount of spray tanning solution is coming through.

Endless sun tanning solution tends to be a much finer consistency than most other tanning solutions; hence it is more than likely that you may need to lower your settings on the spray gun adjustment panel.

Ensure the settings are low enough so that there is no dripping down the body but high enough that sufficient product is coming through the nozzle and a dark instant colour appears.

We recommend two very fine applications rather than one heavy coat as this ensures a much more even and perfected application. Do experiment prior to conducting a full body application on a client.

If applied correctly the tan should last for approximately 8 -10 days. If you are experiencing any application difficulties please call head office so we may assist.


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