Tanning Solution

Professional tanning solution, rich in DHA providing long lasting results, for fair, olive or dark skin types.

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Tanning Equipment

A range of proffesional spray tanning systems including spray guns and portable booths for a perfect spray tan application.

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Self Tan & Skin Care

A range of self tanning products, offering versatile modes of application, including self tanning spray, mist & foam.

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"I fortunately discovered your product a few years ago at the International Beauty Expo and started using it on my clients ever since I love using Endless Sun."

-Somer, NSW Australia

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"I have used your product in Australia and I cant rave enough about it. I am now over in the UK running a tanning business and there is nothing like your product on the market."

- Jessica, UK

"I bought the spray tanning solution from you recently. I just wanted to tell you how impressed we all are to be using it and the clients are absolutely loving it. What I love most is it doesn't go orange and there is no odour."

- Ruby, Dolce Vita NSW

Self Tan & Skin Care

Look tanned and terrific with Endless Sun! Have you given at-home tanning away because it ends in a blotchy mess? Endless Sun Self Tanning range is a failsafe solution to bronzed, beautiful skin in your own bathroom.

No blotches. No dry patches. No streaks. And absolutely no odour.

Having tanned healthy looking skin is high on the beauty hit list, but too often self-tanning formulations donít deliver on their bronzing promises Ė they can be tricky to apply, messy and leave skin looking dry and blotchy. Not ideal.

Endless Sun's Self Tanning range provides a quick and simple solution to flawless tanning. With its DHA-rich formula, Endless Sun is quick-drying, non-stick, odourless and rich in bronzers for an instant colour boost that quickly develops into a long-lasting, perfect tan Ė itís so hassle-free, you can get dressed and head out right after applying. And hereís the really great news: Endless Sun delivers 8-10 days of perfectly tanned skin. Thatís as longwearing as a professional tan!

Helpful Tanning Tip:

Your back can be tricky to apply evenly, If you canít enlist a friend to help you out and youíre not a contortionist, use Endless Essentials Self Tanning Spray Aerosol Applicator and apply the tan with your arm extended. This allows the spray to cover a wider area and should make it easier to get an even coverage.

Healthy tan, health skin with Endless sun! Spray tanning is only the first step to beautifully bronzed skin; good skincare should always follow.

Extend the Life of Your Tan

Simple to use everyday, Endless Sun's Endless Solutions skincare range is just what you need to keep skin smooth, hydrated and energized. Endless Sun's Endless Essentials Skincare is also specially designed to extend the life of your tan!

More Tanning Tips:

Want to get more life out of your tan? Avoid using an exfoliating scrub in the shower while you have a tan; it will only rub it off! Using a gentle body wash like Endless Essentials Refreshing Body Wash will maintain your tan for at least a few days longer.

Once you want to get rid of your tan and prepare your skin for a new application, exfoliate with Endless Essentials Energising Exfoliating Gel. Also, moisturising everyday is really important when you have applied self-tanning. Endless Essentials Hydrating Body Lotion will extend the life of your colour by keeping skin well hydrated.

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