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Professional tanning solution, rich in DHA providing long lasting results, for fair, olive or dark skin types.

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A range of proffesional spray tanning systems including spray guns and portable booths for a perfect spray tan application.

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A range of self tanning products, offering versatile modes of application, including self tanning spray, mist & foam.

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Caramel Spray Tanning Solution (250mls) Endless_Sun_Caramel_tanning_solution_2

Caramel Spray Tan Solution
Weight: 250.000 g
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Endless Sun Caramel Spray Tanning Solution is rich in DHA providing long lasting results, quick drying with no sticky residue and completely odourless. It has been introduced especially for fairer skin types and clients wanting to achieve an instant natural tan. Suitable for all skin types especially suited for fair/pale skin types. Can be used as a 2 & 8 hour tan.

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