Tanning Solution

Professional tanning solution, rich in DHA providing long lasting results, for fair, olive or dark skin types.

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Tanning Equipment

A range of proffesional spray tanning systems including spray guns and portable booths for a perfect spray tan application.

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Self Tan & Skin Care

A range of self tanning products, offering versatile modes of application, including self tanning spray, mist & foam.

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"I fortunately discovered your product a few years ago at the International Beauty Expo and started using it on my clients ever since I love using Endless Sun."

-Somer, NSW Australia

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"I have used your product in Australia and I cant rave enough about it. I am now over in the UK running a tanning business and there is nothing like your product on the market."

- Jessica, UK

"I bought the spray tanning solution from you recently. I just wanted to tell you how impressed we all are to be using it and the clients are absolutely loving it. What I love most is it doesn't go orange and there is no odour."

- Ruby, Dolce Vita NSW

Endless Sun Tanning Solution - more than just colour!

Tanning products are about colour. However the effect that spray tanning products can have on the skin must be addressed. We all know that the sun damages and dries the skin but some instant tanning products can dry out the skin, sometimes to the same extent that the sun can.

It is essential to hydrate and nourish the skin in order not only to maintain the life of a tan but also to keep skin healthy and younger looking. However considering the busy Australian lifestyle, remembering to care for your skin daily, is in itself a task.

A Tanning Solution That Cares for Your Skin

For this reason, choose Endless Sun spray tanning solutions, a product that contains specially selected ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin whilst providing a healthy natural tan. This is a convenient and sensible option as you can care for your skin whilst creating a healthy natural looking tan.

A Natural Long Lasting Tan

Spray Tanning

One of the key benefits of Endless Sun spray tanning solution is the fact that it contains over 10 fruit and plant extracts, including vitamins and anti oxidants to hydrate and moisturise the skin at the same time as providing a healthy long lasting tan.

Endless sun tanning solution remains as one of the most affordable products available in the Australian market with such a high standard of product quality.

Spray Tanning Experts

The beauty industry has been recently saturated with spray tanning products, making it consistently difficult to decide which product to use. The reason for this stems from the fact that general beauty brands whose speciality is not tanning products have added their own spray tanning products to their already extensive range of general beauty items.

What makes us different? Our speciality is spray tanning products. We solely manufacture and supply tanning products making us experts in the field.

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